Laura Sorica is East Asia Research Manager at ACLED, overseeing political violence and protests in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia. Laura holds two BA degrees in Political Science and Linguistics, and a MA from University of Tsukuba’s Department of International and Advanced Japanese Studies. Her previous experiences included working in the private sector, the Romanian Embassy in Tokyo, and as an academic researcher in Japan. Her past research examined the US process of securitizing the Iranian and North Korean missile threats that led to the Aegis Ashore deployment in Romania, Poland, and Japan. She is fluent in Romanian, English, and Japanese.

Regional Overview: East Asia
24-30 April 2021

Last week in East Asia, the Mongolian parliament adopted an amendment to the Presidential Election Law barring the current president to run for re-election. The amendment is seen as highly controversial. North Korean authorities announced that they have successfully tested a new type of ‘miniaturized unmanned drones’ which could be used to survey and attack…

Regional Overview: East Asia
6-12 March 2021

Last week in East Asia, anti-nuclear groups demonstrated across Japan and South Korea on the 10th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Marches took place across East Asia to raise awareness about sexual violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination against women to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March. In China, the central government passed legislation…