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Violence Targeting Civilians Increased During Elections in Papua New Guinea

22 September 2022

Violence targeting civilians in Papua New Guinea rose in the lead-up to and during the campaign, voting, and vote counting periods for the country’s recent national elections. When voting began on 4 July, mob violence at polling stations became deadly amid allegations of voter fraud, missing ballots, and disputed counting. With a decentralized political system…

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10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2022: Myanmar

15 February 2022

As the National League for Democracy (NLD) was preparing to start a second term on 1 February 2021, the military seized power in Myanmar. Demonstrations erupted across the country in opposition to the coup. The military responded violently, leading to the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators.

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The Drug War Rages on in the Philippines: New Data on the Civilian Toll, State Responsibility, and Shifting Geographies of Violence

18 November 2021

New supplemental data for the Philippines add nearly 1,000 events and more than 1,100 fatalities to the ACLED dataset for the period of 2016 to the present, expanding our coverage of the country’s war on drugs.

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Deadly Demonstrations: Fatalities From State Engagement on the Rise

21 October 2021

The number of fatalities from state engagement in demonstrations around the world this year already exceeds the total reported for all of 2020. ACLED Research Coordinator Elliott Bynum and ACLED Analysis Coordinator Timothy Lay review the latest global data and examine three key cases: Myanmar, Colombia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. © 2021 Armed…

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Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

22 July 2021

The Myanmar military’s decision to seize power on 1 February 2021 triggered a wave of resistance across the country. By the end of June, over 4,700 anti-coup demonstration events were reported in Myanmar. The military has responded with a campaign of violence and mass arrests. Despite the crackdown, anti-coup activists have continued to demonstrate, and…

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Demonstrations Over Constitutional Revisions in Japan

4 May 2021

In May, Japan marks the anniversary of its 1947 pacifist constitution. Revising Article 9 — which renounces war and the use of force — was a principle goal of the previous administration, and while opposition to amending the constitution has historically been a driving force behind protests in the country, demonstrations have steadily declined in…

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