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Actor Profile: The Jalisco New Generation Cartel

14 April 2023

With a presence in at least 27 states, the CJNG is one of Mexico’s most powerful criminal groups. This actor profile unpacks the data on key trends in CJNG activity since 2018.

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Political Repression in Cuba Ahead of the 2023 Parliamentary Elections

23 March 2023

An analysis of government repression and violence targeting Cuba’s political opposition ahead of parliamentary elections on 26 March 2023.

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Conflict Watchlist 2023: Colombia

8 February 2023

The security situation in Colombia continued to deteriorate in 2022, with worsening political violence and increasing violence against civilians.

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ACLED Conflict Severity Index

19 January 2023

Drawing on the latest ACLED data, the Conflict Severity Index assesses four key indicators to identify the most severe forms of conflict, providing new insights into how and where severe conflicts occur.

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Political Violence During Brazil’s 2022 Presidential Runoff

7 December 2022

Heightened levels of political violence continued into the presidential runoff in Brazil, raising concerns over further outbreaks of unrest beyond the election period.

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Political Violence During Brazil’s 2022 General Elections

17 October 2022

Antagonism between Bolsonaro’s administration and the opposition has fueled increased electoral violence, which continues to pose a threat ahead of the presidential runoff.

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