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Abortion-Related Demonstrations in the United States: Shifting Trends and the Potential for Violence

23 June 2022

Analysis of key shifts in abortion-related protest activity and the potential for violence after the Supreme Court decision.

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Fact Sheet: Anti-LGBT+ Mobilization on the Rise in the United States

16 June 2022

ACLED records a fourfold increase in anti-LGBT+ events from 2020 to 2021, and 2022 is currently on track to escalate even further.

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Far-Right Violence and the American Midterm Elections: Early Warning Signs to Monitor Ahead of the Vote

3 May 2022

This report tracks the evolution of far-right activity in the United States from the start of ACLED coverage in 2020 through the first quarter of 2022, with a view toward trends to watch going into the midterm elections in November.

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Fact Sheet: Threats Against HBCUs and Black-Majority Schools in the United States

20 April 2022

Dozens of bomb and shooting threats have been recorded across the country this year, with a surge reported during Black History Month.

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Fact Sheet: ‘Freedom Convoys’ and Anti-Vaccine Demonstrations in Canada

25 February 2022

New data on Canadian convoy protests and the police response.

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Fact Sheet: Updated Armed Demonstration Data Released A Year After the 6 January Insurrection Show New Trends

5 January 2022

A year on from the Capitol attack, armed pro-Trump demonstrations continue around the country.

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