Braden Fuller

Senior Researcher, ACLED & EPO

About Braden Fuller

In his role, Braden directs the activities of the Ethiopian Peace Observatory, including conducting and coordinating analysis efforts, completing data review for accuracy, and engaging with external partners. 

He is an expert in Ethiopian political violence with an emphasis on youth movements, ethno-federalism, and anti-government insurgencies. As a researcher on political violence in Ethiopia, he has completed several policy-shaping studies for governments and international organizations.  Prior to his work with at ACLED Braden worked as a professional in data collection and analysis for humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia, Egypt, South Sudan, Yemen, and Jordan. 

Braden holds a bachelor’s degree in Middle East Studies and Arabic language

His recent work includes analysis outputs for the Ethiopian Peace Observatory,  as well as academic publications on Ethno-Federalism and conflicts in Ethiopia.

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Latest Work

Ethiopia Peace Observatory

The Ethiopia Peace Observatory (EPO) is a special project launched by ACLED to enhance local data collection across Ethiopia. The EPO aims to provide a dedicated platform for governments, media, civil society, and the public to access reliable information and analysis about political violence and unrest across the country.