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Week of 9 Sep 23

Data cover the period of 9 Sep 23 - 15 Sep 23. For more information about how ACLED collects data and categorizes events, see the ACLED Codebook.

Political Violence Events: 187

-35% from previous week

Demonstration Events: 19

-5% from previous week

Event Types:

Battles: 74 Events

Explosions/Remote Violence: 64 Events

Violence Against Civilians: 44 Events

Mob Violence: 5 Events

Protests: 17 Events

Violent Demonstrations: 2 Events

The Horn of Africa is currently experiencing high levels of political violence and instability, from the conflicts in Sudan and Ethiopia to militia and Islamist militant activity in Kenya and the al-Shabaab insurgency in Somalia.

In order to better support efforts to monitor and respond to violent disorder in the region, ACLED has launched a special Horn of Africa analysis series to provide regular situation reports on key security developments in Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan, while maintaining and improving the existing work of the Ethiopia Peace Observatory. Click through to each Country Hub for more information, and subscribe to the ACLED mailing list for the latest updates.

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Ethiopia Peace Observatory

The Ethiopia Peace Observatory (EPO) is a special project launched by ACLED to enhance local data collection across Ethiopia. The EPO aims to provide a dedicated platform for governments, media, civil society, and the public to access reliable information and analysis about political violence and unrest across the country.

Country Hubs

In the wake of a highly competitive general election, Kenya is experiencing increasing levels of low-intensity violence around the country.

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The escalating conflict with al-Shabaab made 2022 one of the deadliest years for political violence in Somalia since the start of ACLED data collection.

View page: Somalia

As Sudan continues to grapple with the fall-out from the 2021 coup, the country faces a deadly conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

View page: Sudan

Context Assessments

Analysis of each country’s security situation at the start of 2023.

Africa Regional Overviews

Our weekly analysis briefs break down the latest data on political violence and protest trends, highlighting potential early warning signs for closer monitoring.

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