Special Series

Election Watch

Monitoring electoral violence worldwide

ACLED’s special Election Watch series provides data-driven analysis of key political violence and protest trends before, during, and after some of the world’s most important elections. Use the interactive map below to access the latest resources and keep track of upcoming reports.

Election Watch Tracker

This interactive map displays the countries and elections currently covered by ACLED’s Election Watch project. Hover over countries for more information about upcoming or past elections, and click on outlined countries to see ACLED reports.

Upcoming Elections

Elections monitored by the Election Watch project. This is not a comprehensive list of all elections.

Country Election Date
Ecuador 20 August 23
Zimbabwe 23 August 23
Pakistan October 23 (concrete date TBC)
Belarus October 23 (concrete date TBC)
Argentina 22 October 23
Democratic Republic of Congo 20 December 23

Recent Reports

Latest installments in the Election Watch series. Click here for more ACLED analysis.