ACLED has launched a new registration system designed to maintain free public access to the dataset while providing greater oversight and tailored support for users. Read the full announcement for more information and register through the portal below. For any questions, please contact the help desk at [email protected].

What is the registration system?

ACLED users are now required to register through the portal before gaining access to the data. When registering, each person will be asked to provide their name, a contact email, and to classify their use into one of the following categories: academic; for profit/private business/commercial; foundation/charity; government; intergovernmental/multinational organization; media; military; and NGO/INGO/think tank. Users will also be asked for a brief summary of their use case (How will you be using ACLED data?). Once registered, users will generate a unique access key to use when downloading data (see this guide for further instructions on how to register and manage your account). For any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Why is ACLED requiring registration?

The core motivation behind the registration system is to better understand our users and use cases. Through the system, we will gain a much better understanding of our user communities and their needs. In turn, this will help us to forge new partnerships which will ensure the sustainability of ACLED into the future.

What is the new ACLED access model?

In addition to the new registration system, ACLED has implemented a new access model. The core motivation behind the new access model is to prohibit misuse and resale of ACLED data, and to lay the foundation for a more sustainable access model. In this new model, ACLED data will remain free to the public for extensive, though not unlimited, use. 

The extent of free access for users will be determined based on the category of the user (as documented during their registration). Once the category of user is determined, for those who are not Media or an existing Sponsor or Partner, free access will include the following:

  • Public Sector, Civil Society:
    1. Six downloads per year in total (from date of registration)
    2. Access to real-time data
    3. Access to 3 years historical data (from date of download)
  • Corporate:
    1. Three downloads per year in total (from date of registration)
    2. Access to real-time data
    3. Access to 1 year historical data (from date of download)

All analysis remains openly accessible to all users on the ACLED website. Those who wish to gain further access to ACLED data will be invited to contact ACLED to discuss their needs. Please send any questions to [email protected].

Is ACLED still a nonprofit?

Yes. Nothing about ACLED’s legal structure has changed. ACLED remains a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Is access to ACLED data still free and public?

Yes. All users who abide by ACLED’s Terms of Use & Attribution Policy (TOU) may access ACLED data for free once they have registered. ACLED’s TOU policy is presented during the registration process and must be accepted by all users before downloading data via the website or API. For questions, please contact [email protected].

ACLED Access Guide

  • Instructions for registering and access data through the new system


  • Instructions for downloading data directly from the API through the new system

ACLED Terms of Use & Attribution Policy

  • Guidelines for using and citing ACLED data