Peter Bofin

Senior Research Coordinator

About Peter Bofin

Peter Bofin is a Senior Research Coordinator with ACLED, focusing on the Cabo Ligado conflict observatory for northern Mozambique. In this capacity, he is responsible for managing production of the projects biweekly updates, and monthly reports, leading collaboration with partners, and engaging key stakeholders in Mozambique and elsewhere. 

He has worked with governments, private sector, civil society, and media to better understand East African politics and institutions. Since 2017, he has led research projects, and written and presented extensively on conflict in East Africa. He has also worked on petroleum sector governance; civil society space; and political economy, to inform planning in natural resource management, civil society support, and investment.

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Latest Work

Cabo Ligado

Cabo Ligado — or ‘connected cape’ — is a conflict observatory launched by ACLED in partnership with Zitamar News and Mediafax to monitor political violence in Mozambique. The project supports real-time data collection on the insurgency in the country’s northern Cabo Delgado province and provides cutting-edge analysis of the latest conflict trends.