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An Unlikely Success: Demonstrations Against Farm Laws in India

17 December 2021

On 9 December 2021, Indian farmers announced an end to demonstrations against the country’s aborted agricultural reforms (The New York Times, 9 December 2021). Still, key organizers maintain that the movement will continue to monitor government implementation of demonstrator demands into 2022 (The Free Press Journal, 12 December 2021). The decision followed the repeal of…


Mid-Year Update: 10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2021

5 August 2021

In ACLED’s special report on 10 conflicts to worry about at the start of 2021, we identified a range of flashpoints and emerging crises where violent political disorder was likely to evolve or worsen over the course of the year: Ethiopia, India & Pakistan, Myanmar, Haiti, Belarus, Colombia, Armenia & Azerbaijan, Yemen, Mozambique, and the…

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Cow Protection Legislation and Vigilante Violence in India

3 May 2021

In India, over 500,000 students signed up for the government-sponsored nationwide ‘Cow Science’ exam this year, which was scheduled for 25 February 2021. The ‘Cow Science’ exam, a free-of-cost voluntary exam, was purportedly meant to test people’s knowledge about cows, thus furthering curiosity about cows among the public (CNN, 8 January 2021). After widespread criticism…


Naxal-Maoist Insurgency Trends in India During the Coronavirus Pandemic

11 March 2021

As countries continue to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that its impact extends far beyond public health and safety, with the ability to shape political behavior and conflict. The interplay between disease and disorder is perhaps most visible in India, which has been one of the nations worst affected by the…


Interactive: 10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2021

19 February 2021

Explore an interactive visualization of ACLED’s special report on 10 conflicts to worry about in 2021. © 2021 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). All rights reserved.

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Ten Conflicts to Worry About in 2021

2 February 2021

Our annual special report reviews the past year of data for 10 key conflicts with a look toward trends to watch in the coming months. Access ACLED data directly through the export tool, and find more information about ACLED methodology in our Resource Library. To explore an interactive visualization of this special report, click here.…

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COVID-19 and Political Unrest in Northeast India

26 October 2020

Despite a nationwide lockdown imposed on 24 March to curb the spread of the coronavirus, India has continued to record a steady increase in COVID-19 cases. On 16 September, India reached a record five million coronavirus cases, becoming the second country in the world — after the United States — to report such figures (Times…


CDT Spotlight: Continuing Conflict in Jammu & Kashmir

5 October 2020

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, conflict has escalated in the Jammu & Kashmir region of India. ACLED Research Analyst Josh Satre reviews the latest data. This infographic is part of our special CDT Spotlight series. © 2020 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). All rights reserved.

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CDT Spotlight: Political Violence in the Path of Cyclone Amphan

21 May 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bay of Bengal now faces another natural disaster: Cyclone Amphan. ACLED Research Director Dr. Roudabeh Kishi examines how the dual threats may impact disorder trends in the region. This infographic is part of our special CDT Spotlight series. © 2020 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project…

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Call Unanswered: A Review of Responses to the UN Appeal for a Global Ceasefire

13 May 2020

On 23 March, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for a global coronavirus ceasefire (UN News, 23 March 2019). The truce would allow pandemic responses to be carried out in areas that are usually too dangerous for medical personnel to access due to ongoing conflict, and could also create opportunities for negotiations between belligerents.  Unfortunately, the…

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