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Breaking the Pattern: The Relative Success of the Latest Ceasefire Agreement in Ukraine

24 November 2020

A recent ceasefire agreement in Donbas has resulted in a significant decrease in fighting between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-led separatists and has raised hopes for the future of Ukrainian-Russian peace talks. On 22 July 2020, the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine (TCG) — a platform where representatives from Ukraine, Russia, and the Organization for…


CDT Spotlight: Protest and Conflict in Ukraine

11 June 2020

A looming recession threatens to spark popular unrest in Ukraine, while ceasefire violations have continued through the pandemic in the eastern Donbas region. ACLED Research Analyst Andrea Carboni maps the country’s political violence and protest landscape. This infographic is part of our special CDT Spotlight series. © 2020 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). All…


Call Unanswered: A Review of Responses to the UN Appeal for a Global Ceasefire

13 May 2020

On 23 March, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for a global coronavirus ceasefire (UN News, 23 March 2019). The truce would allow pandemic responses to be carried out in areas that are usually too dangerous for medical personnel to access due to ongoing conflict, and could also create opportunities for negotiations between belligerents.  Unfortunately, the…

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Donbas: Where the Guns Do Not Stay Silent

13 April 2020

On 10 December 2019, leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and France met in Paris in the ‘Normandy’ format1 to discuss peace plans for the Donbas region of Ukraine, where the conflict between Russia-backed separatist rebels and Ukrainian government forces has now entered its seventh year. Although frontlines have stabilized, fighting continues on a daily basis.…


The calm before the storm? The potential for violence during Ukraine’s upcoming parliamentary elections

24 April 2019

On Sunday, 21 April, actor and political newcomer Volodymyr Zelensky was elected President of Ukraine in a landslide victory over incumbent Petro Poroshenko, a candidate against whom some nationalist groups campaigned. First reports indicate that the elections were calm and without major irregularities. During the presidential election run-up in March and April, ACLED recorded some…


New Real-Time Data on Political Violence & Protest in Ukraine, Russia, & Eastern Europe

2 April 2019

2 April 2019: Data for more than 23,500 political violence and protest events across Eastern Europe are now available from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). Spanning 15 countries, the dataset encompasses Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the Balkans, Ukraine, and Russia. Coverage extends from January 2018 to the present, with weekly real-time…

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Ukraine – Europe Data Release

29 March 2019

By far the highest number of political violence and protest events in Europe have taken place in Ukraine, with over 17,500 total events. A vast majority of these events have taken place across two provinces in Ukraine’s easternmost region: Donetsk and Luhansk, referred to collectively as Donbas, where a war that broke out in 2014…


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