Julia Lins Franciotti is the South America Assistant Research Manager at ACLED. She holds an LL.M. degree in Public International Law from Universiteit Leiden. Her research interests include urban violence and organized crime in Latin America and data-driven policymaking for violence prevention and economic development.

Regional Overview: South America
13 December 2020-8 January 2021

Last month in South America, demonstrations decreased across the region. Nevertheless, a controversial abortion bill led thousands of Argentinians both for and against the bill to the streets. Some countries continued to experience significant political unrest, including Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela. In Peru, farmers across the country demonstrated to demand approval of a new farming…

Regional Overview: South America
4-10 October 2020

Last week in South America, demonstrations over coronavirus-related issues continued across the region. Meanwhile, political killings took place in Colombia, and social and political unrest was reported  in Chile and Venezuela. In Brazil, armed clashes continued between armed groups and state forces.  The number of coronavirus pandemic-related demonstration events significantly declined across the region in…