Matthew Fluegel-Carew

Head of Programs & Development

About Matthew Fluegel-Carew

Matthew Fluegel-Carew is ACLED’s Head of Programs & Development. Matt oversees the Programs department at ACLED which is responsible for grant management, fundraising and development, impact monitoring, the oversight and coordination of several special projects (including ACLED’s conflict observatories), and ACLED’s access system. 

Matt has worked with ACLED for over 10 years, starting out as a Researcher for West and Central Africa. Since then, he has worked as Research Manager for a number of the project’s regional desks, including South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and East Asia, and overseen ACLED’s data collection team more broadly during much of its global expansion.

Matt holds an MA in Geopolitics & Grand Strategy from the University of Sussex and a second MA in Eurasian Studies from Carleton University, with his research focusing on regional cooperation and conflict management. He has worked previously for Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian Department National Defence, and for consulting firms specializing in policy development and political risk analysis.