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Ukraine Crisis: 11-17 June 2022

23 June 2022

Russia continued to focus resources on Severodonetsk last week as part of a push to establish control over the Luhansk region. The Russian military blew up the bridge connecting Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, complicating the resupply of Ukrainian forces and the evacuation of civilians (The Telegraph, 12 June 2022). Meanwhile, the Ukrainian air force struck several…

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Ukraine Crisis: 4-10 June 2022

16 June 2022

Fighting continued last week in eastern and southern Ukraine. Amid the ongoing battle for Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region, Russian forces reportedly pulled troops from the Zaporizhia region to support the offensive (NV, 9 June 2022). As of 10 June, Russian forces controlled more than half of the city (Luhansk Regional Military Administration, 11 June…

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Ukraine Crisis: 28 May-3 June 2022

10 June 2022

Fighting continued last week in eastern and southern Ukraine. In the Luhansk region, Russian forces occupied most of Severodonetsk but were pushed back in some areas following successful counterattacks by Ukrainian forces (Wall Street Journal, 5 June 2022). The capture of Severodonetsk is an important objective for Russian forces, potentially paving the way for securing…

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Ukraine Crisis: 21-27 May 2022

2 June 2022

Fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces continued primarily in the eastern regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv last week. Half of all political violence events reported during the week took place in the Donetsk region, where Russian and Russian-led forces advanced in the Lyman area. With the Luhansk region almost entirely occupied, Russian forces continued…

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Ukraine Crisis: 14-20 May 2022

26 May 2022

Fighting was concentrated in the Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv regions last week. In Donetsk, Russian forces gained full control of Mariupol following the surrender of remaining Ukrainian fighters in the Azovstal plant. Under an agreement with Ukraine, Russian forces transported hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers to medical facilities in occupied territories on 16 May (The Guardian,…

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Ukraine Crisis: 7-13 May 2022

19 May 2022

Heavy fighting continued in the eastern and southern regions of the country last week. The Donetsk region remained the most active conflict zone, home to almost half of all political violence reported in the country last week. Russia continued to carry out airstrikes and artillery attacks and to clash with remaining Ukrainian troops in the…

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