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Region at a Glance
Week of 18 Nov 23

Data cover the period of 18 Nov 23 - 24 Nov 23. For more information about how ACLED collects data and categorizes events, see the ACLED Codebook.

Political Violence Events: 508

-12% from previous week

Demonstration Events: 32

-41% from previous week

Event Types:

Battles: 73 Events

Explosions/Remote Violence: 319 Events

Violence Against Civilians: 31 Events

Mob Violence: 85 Events

Protests: 30 Events

Violent Demonstrations: 2 Events

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2023 Israel-Gaza Conflict

Fact Sheet (Updated 31 October)

Three weeks after the initial Hamas attack on southern Israel, the IDF launched a ground operation into northern Gaza following intense airstrikes. Violence has simultaneously surged in the West Bank amid stepped up Israeli military raids, settler attacks, and violent demonstrations. Get the latest data and analysis in our updated fact sheet.

Global Demonstrations in Response to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Hamas attack on southern Israel and subsequent Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip have triggered a wave of protests and rallies around the world. During the first three weeks of the current round of hostilities, ACLED records approximately 4,200 demonstration events related to the conflict in nearly 100 countries and territories, accounting for 38% of all demonstration events reported globally.

Israel & Palestine Analysis

Regional Overviews: Middle East

Our weekly analysis briefs break down the latest data on political violence and protest trends, highlighting potential early warning signs for closer monitoring.