Ameneh Mehvar is the Middle East Research Manager at ACLED. She holds a PhD in International Relations and a master’s degree in Middle East and Central Asian Security from the University of St Andrews. Her research interests include foreign policy analysis, political psychology, security studies, and the international politics of the Middle East. Ameneh is fluent in Persian, English and German, and has a working knowledge in Arabic.

Regional Overview: Middle East
29 November-5 December 2020

Last week in the Middle East, pro-Hadi forces in Yemen captured strategic locations near Ad Dirjaj from pro-Southern Transitional Council (STC) fighters, while Houthis captured areas in the Medghal and Raghwan districts from pro-Hadi forces. In Syria, Israeli warplanes continued aerial strikes against pro-Iranian militia forces in southern Syria, while Turkish forces intensified their shelling…

Regional Overview: Middle East
22-28 November 2020

Last week in the Middle East, fighting intensified between pro-Hadi and pro-Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces along Yemen’s At Tariyah front, while Houthi shelling reportedly killed Saudi soldiers in Marib. Houthis also targeted Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure in Jeddah. In Syria, Israeli warplanes continued to target the positions of pro-Iran militia forces, while Islamic State…