Ameneh Mehvar is the Middle East Research Manager at ACLED. She holds a PhD in International Relations and a master’s degree in Middle East and Central Asian Security from the University of St Andrews. Her research interests include foreign policy analysis, political psychology, security studies, and the international politics of the Middle East. Ameneh is fluent in Persian, English and German, and has a working knowledge in Arabic.

Regional Overview: Central Asia and the Caucasus
29 March-4 April 2020

Last week in Central Asia, prisoner exchange negotiations continued between the Taliban and the government in Afghanistan, as state forces arrested the leader of the country’s Islamic State affiliate. In Kyrgyzstan, measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus triggered protests, while the pandemic led to rising food prices in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, fueling unrest.…

Regional Overview: Central Asia and the Caucasus
22-28 March 2020

In Central Asia, the continued spread of the coronavirus impacted the security situation in Afghanistan and Kazakhstan last week, while the Taliban intensified attacks on Afghan forces. In the Caucasus, the de facto states of Abkhazia and Artsakh proceeded with scheduled elections despite the pandemic, and cross-border clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia resulted in further casualties. …