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Our monthly analysis briefs break down the latest ACLED data on political violence and protest trends around the world, highlighting potential early warning signs for closer monitoring.

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Regional Overview – Middle East 2 October 2018

2 October 2018

Throughout the Middle East last week, rates of political violence have remained relatively unchanged compared to the week prior — with the exception of Israel and Palestine, where reports of increased casualties and instances of cross-border violence signal a lack of diplomatic progress. In Turkey and Iraq, fighting against militants continued, while in Iran the…

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Regional Overview – Middle East 24 September 2018

26 September 2018

Conflict continued at a similar level throughout the Middle East region last week relative to the week prior. In Syria and Yemen, long-planned offensives began and moved forward at a slow pace. In Turkey and Iraq, fighting continued against Kurdish rebel groups in both Iraqi Kurdistan and the Turkish southeast. In Palestine and Bahrain, demonstrations…

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Regional Overview – Middle East 17 September 2018

18 September 2018

Iraqi Kurdistan and adjacent Kurdish regions were the site of increased activity last week as both Iran and Turkey continued to attack alleged enclaves of Kurdish rebels in the governorates of Erbil and Dahuk. In both Iraq and Iran, demonstrations were held by Kurds against these and other actions. Meanwhile, unrelated demonstrations continued throughout the…

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