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A Year of Racial Justice Protests: Key Trends in Demonstrations Supporting the BLM Movement

25 May 2021

In May 2020, Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, sparking a wave of protests across the United States. Building on initial research published in September 2020 in the wake of the first round of demonstrations, this report maps the protest movement through the beginning of 2021.

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Fact Sheet: Anti-Protest Legislation and Demonstration Activity in the United States

30 April 2021

At least 34 states have introduced “anti-protest” bills to restrict demonstration activity or to expand legal protections for drivers who strike protesters with their vehicles.

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Actor Profile: Proud Boys

22 April 2021

The first installment in our new actor profile series unpacks the latest data on Proud Boys activity around the United States.

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A National Emergency: How COVID-19 Is Fueling Unrest in the United States

4 March 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated existing inequalities and political faultlines in the US, contributing to a surge of unrest throughout the country. New analysis of ACLED data — now extended to the beginning of 2020 — reveals the full scope of the pandemic’s impact on American protest patterns for the first time. All data are…

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US Crisis Monitor Releases Full Data for 2020

5 February 2021

Download a PDF 5 February 2021: New US Crisis Monitor data extend ACLED’s coverage of political violence and demonstration activity in the United States to all of 2020. Over the course of the year, the project recorded more than 22,900 political violence, demonstration, and strategic development events across the country.1 See the US Crisis Monitor…

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The Future of ‘Stop the Steal’: Post-Election Trajectories for Right-Wing Mobilization in the United States

10 December 2020

Reviewing new ACLED data for the past seven months of political violence and demonstration activity across the US, this report analyzes key trends in right-wing mobilization and the potential for violence in the post-election period. Access data directly through the US Crisis Monitor. Definitions and methodology decisions are explained in the US Crisis Monitor FAQs and the…

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