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Political Violence and the 2023 Nigerian Election

22 February 2023

Nigeria’s historic elections are threatened by rising insecurity. This report assesses political violence trends going into the vote and the risk of escalation in the post-election period.

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Conflict Watchlist 2023: Nigeria

8 February 2023

Nigeria’s federal elections constitute a watershed moment for the country’s democratic history. President Muhammadu Buhari is barred from running for a third term through term limit legislation, while the end of his presidency marks the longest democratic stretch since independence.

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Conflict Watchlist 2023: Democratic Republic of Congo

1 February 2023

The presence of over a hundred armed groups engaging in multiple conflicts over territorial and resource control continued to create instability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 2022.

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ACLED Conflict Severity Index

19 January 2023

Drawing on the latest ACLED data, the Conflict Severity Index assesses four key indicators to identify the most severe forms of conflict, providing new insights into how and where severe conflicts occur.

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Actor Profile: The Islamic State Sahel Province

13 January 2023

This second installment in our actor profile series unpacking the latest data on armed group activity around the Sahel.

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Jihad Takes Root in Northern Benin

23 September 2022

This report by guest contributor Dr. Leif Brottem uses ACLED data and primary information collected by Dr. Brottem and his team during his research in northern Benin.

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