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Our monthly analysis briefs break down the latest ACLED data on political violence and protest trends around the world, highlighting potential early warning signs for closer monitoring.

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Regional Overview – Africa 23 October 2018

23 October 2018

Developments last week included several highly lethal attacks in both Nigeria and Somalia. Both countries remain the most active countries in Africa in the ACLED dataset, representing nearly one third of the total number of organised violence events and half of the number of fatalities recorded so far in 2018. In Nigeria, last week’s developments…

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Regional Overview – Africa 16 October 2018

16 October 2018

Key developments in Africa during the week of October 7th include persistent militant threats in Egypt and in the Lake Chad area; coupled with election-related violence in Cameroon, Mozambique and Nigeria. In Egypt, although there are signs that the government’s ‘Operation Sinai 2018’ launched in February has slowly weakened the Islamic State’s grip on territory…

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Regional Overview – Africa 9 October 2018

9 October 2018

The developments reported during the first week of October 2018 show a continuation of overall levels of political violence across Africa between August and September. Among the countries that witnessed a significant escalation of the violence in September were Burkina Faso, Cameroon and South Sudan. Burkina Faso is increasingly destabilised by operations against Islamist militants…

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