10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2022
Mid-Year Update

In ACLED’s special report on 10 conflicts to worry about at the start of 2022, we identified a range of flashpoints and emerging crises where violent political disorder was likely to evolve or worsen over the course of the year: Ethiopia, Yemen, the Sahel, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Haiti, Colombia, and Myanmar. Our mid-year update revisits these 10 cases, tracking key developments in political violence and protest activity during the first half of 2022 and analyzing trends to watch in the coming months.

Note: At the time of the original report’s publication, Russian threats against Ukraine had not yet translated into significant shifts in conflict trends on the ground. Since then, the Russian military launched a full-scale invasion, resulting in a major escalation of hostilities across the country. To track these developments, we created the Ukraine Crisis Hub — a dedicated platform for data and analysis on the conflict featuring curated datasets, interactive visualization tools, methodology resources, and more. Access all ACLED data directly through our export tool, curated files, or API,  and find more information about ACLED methodology in our Resource Library.


Multiple Complications Threaten to Result in a Dangerous Re-Escalation


Diplomatic Efforts Succeed in Subduing the Conflict

The Sahel

Persistent, Expanding, and Escalating Instability


Multiple Security Threats Persist Around the Country


High Risk of Violence Targeting Civilians Under Taliban Rule


Political Violence Intensifies Despite Decline in Demonstrations


Military Factions Enhance Their Power Amid Spreading Violence


Gang Violence Intensifies Amid Political Instability


Continued Risk of Rising Violence Targeting Civilians


Continued Resistance Against the Military Coup