Regional Overview: Central America and the Caribbean
5-11 July 2020

In Central America and the Caribbean, more than half of the demonstration events recorded last week were related to the coronavirus pandemic, with demands mostly centered on economic support. In addition to coronavirus-related mobilization, anti-government protests took place in Mexico and Haiti. As well, turf wars between organized crime groups continue to claim lives, especially…

Regional Overview: Southeast Asia
5-11 July 2020

Last week in Southeast Asia, key developments include: civilian casualties in Myanmar; clashes between state forces and communist and Islamist rebels in the Philippines; protests over legislative decisions in both the Philippines and Indonesia; and protests in Cambodia to commemorate the anniversary of the death of a political activist. After weeks of continuous fighting between…

Regional Overview: Europe
5-11 July 2020

In Eastern Europe and Russia, key developments last week include: demonstrations against the arrest of prominent journalists and political figures in Russia and large anti-government demonstrations related to corruption and coronavirus in Bulgaria and Serbia. Anti-government demonstrations took place in Bulgaria, Belarus, and Greece last week. In Bulgaria, thousands protested for three days in Sofia,…

Regional Overview: South Asia
5-11 July 2020

Key trends in South Asia last week include: armed clashes between security forces and domestic rebel groups in Pakistan and India, as well as both targeted attacks on civilians by militant groups and continued coronavirus-related violence in India. In Pakistan, targeted attacks by ethnonationalist militant groups were reported in Balochistan and Sindh provinces. In Balochistan,…

Regional Overview: Africa
5-11 July 2020

Last week in Africa, violent anti-government demonstrations were reported in Mali; armed groups staged attacks on civilians in Nigeria’s northwest, as Boko Haram targeted state forces in Nigeria and Chad; and a major armed group split in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s restive North Kivu province. South Sudanese forces attacked a Ugandan military patrol in…

Nepal Data Update: 2017-2020

Supplemental data add more than 1,100 events to ACLED’s Nepal dataset for 2017-2020. In this infographic, Research Analyst Adam Miller, South Asia Research Manager Danyal Kamal, and South Asia Assistant Research Manager Ashik KC review the new data. © 2020 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). All rights reserved.