Asena Karacalti is the South Asia Assistant Research Manager at ACLED, mainly overseeing the Afghanistan dataset.She holds a BA in Law, and an MSc in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies from KU Leuven, Belgium. Her research interests focus on the transit experiences of migrant and refugee populations and political violence across the Middle East and North Africa. She has past experience as a lawyer and as an expert in migration and asylum organizations.She has previously worked as the Central Asia & the Caucasus, and Africa Research Manager at ACLED.

Regional Overview: Central Asia and the Caucasus
11-17 October 2020

Last week in Central Asia and the Caucasus, clashes between the military forces of Armenia, Azerbaijan and the de facto Artsakh Republic continued despite a second humanitarian ceasefire. In Afghanistan, a massive Taliban offensive in Helmand province was the highlight of the week, as the ongoing violence led the US to reconsider its policy about Taliban attacks in the country.…