Regional Overview: Europe
26 July-1 August 2020

Last week in Eastern Europe, demonstration activity decreased overall. Key regional developments include: many demonstrations in Russia against the government’s decision to arrest and replace the governor of Khabarovsk Oblast and major demonstrations for free elections and against President Lukashenko in Belarus.  Demonstrations against state-driven political repression continued in Belarus and Russia. In Belarus, in…

CDT Spotlight: Demonstrations in Peru

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Peru has experienced one of the largest increases in demonstration events in the world. ACLED Research Analyst Adam Miller breaks down the latest data. This infographic is part of our special CDT Spotlight series. © 2020 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). All rights reserved.

Regional Overview: South America
26 July-1 August 2020

Last week in South America, demonstrations over coronavirus-related issues remained steady across the region. Political killings in Colombia have increased, as well as political unrest in Bolivia, Chile, and Venezuela. In Argentina, pot-banging protests took place throughout the country. In Brazil, armed clashes continued to take place between criminal groups and state forces. Pandemic-related demonstrations…

Regional Overview: Central America and the Caribbean
26 July-1 August 2020

Demonstrations continued at similar levels to previous weeks across Central America, with demands centered on the provision of state subsidies to combat the coronavirus and the resumption of work. Unrest and protests were reported over a bilateral water treaty, abortion, and same-sex marriage legal provisions in Mexico, in addition to anti-government protests. Meanwhile, battles remained…

Regional Overview: Africa
26 July-1 August 2020

Last week in Africa, significant outbreaks of intercommunal violence were reported in Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya; Cabindan separatists clashed with state forces in Angola; and the governor of Borno came under heavy fire amid numerous attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria and neighboring countries. In Sudan, armed Fallata pastoralists clashed with ethnic Taaisha…

Regional Overview: Southeast Asia
26 July-1 August 2020

Last week in Southeast Asia, clashes between the military and Rakhine rebels continued in Myanmar. Fighting between state forces and communist insurgents also persisted across the Philippines alongside an uptick in clashes between state forces and Islamist rebels. Meanwhile, protests across the region centered around: opposition to the government in the Philippines and Thailand; support…