Regional Overview: East Asia
13-19 September 2020

Last week, demonstration activity slightly increased across East Asia. China implemented tougher crackdown measures on school boycotts in Inner Mongolia and other regions. Meanwhile, in Mongolia, there were protests opposing the Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit to Ulaanbaatar. There was a decline in protests in Hong Kong, with the majority of events focused on coronavirus-related issues.…

Regional Overview: East Asia
26 July-1 August 2020

Last week in East Asia, protest activity slightly decreased. In Hong Kong, the authorities cracked down on pro-democracy election hopefuls and pro-independence groups. In mainland China, thousands protested due to contaminated household water, prompting a police lockdown in a district of Hangzhou City. In South Korea, demonstrations focused on the enactment of an anti-discrimination law.…

Regional Overview: East Asia
19-25 July 2020

Last week in East Asia, the number of events increased slightly compared to the week before. In Hong Kong, citizens commemorated the 2019 Yuen Long attack. In mainland China, protests were triggered by consulate closures amid an ongoing diplomatic row with the US, and separately, police intervened in protests opposing illegal land appropriation. The North…

Regional Overview: East Asia
12-18 July 2020

Last week in East Asia, key developments include: a continued downward trend for pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong amid passage of the national security law; major brawls between Kuomintang and Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers in the Taiwan parliament over the appointment of the president of the Control Yuan; anti-sexual harassment protests and deepened political division…

CDT Spotlight: Hong Kong

While demonstration activity has resumed in Hong Kong amid loosening coronavirus-related restrictions, China’s new security law raises concerns for the future of the city’s protest movement. ACLED Research Analyst Adam Miller examines the latest trends.This infographic is part of our special CDT Spotlight series. © 2020 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). All rights reserved.