Election Violence Tracker

In partnership with the Centre for Democracy & Development

The Nigeria Election Violence Tracker is a platform developed by ACLED and CDD to monitor patterns of political violence around the 2023 Nigerian general election. Read the full launch announcement here.

The Tracker features regular situation updates on political and military developments across the country, including in-depth analysis of violence patterns in each of Nigeria’s six geopolitical regions, along with an interactive dashboard updated each week with the latest data on reported violence, with a special focus on election-related incidents such as attacks on electoral officials and party members.

The Nigeria Election Violence Tracker is a collaboration between ACLED and the Centre for Democracy & Development (CDD). Subscribe to the project’s dedicated newsletter below for regular updates.

A US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2014, ACLED is a disaggregated data collection, analysis, and crisis mapping project. ACLED collects information on the dates, actors, locations, fatalities, and types of all reported political violence and protest events around the world. The ACLED team conducts analysis to describe, explore, and test conflict scenarios, and makes both data and analysis open for free use by the public.

CDD was established in the United Kingdom in 1997 and subsequently registered in Lagos – Nigeria in 1999 as an independent, not-for-profit, research, training, advocacy, and capacity-building organization. The Centre was established to mobilize global opinion and resources for democratic development and provide an independent space to reflect critically on the challenges posed to democratization and development processes in West Africa, and to provide alternatives and best practices to the sustenance of democracy and development in the region. CDD envisions a West Africa that is democratically governed, economically integrated – promoting human security and people-centered development. The mission of the Centre is to be the prime catalyst and facilitator for strategic analysis and capacity-building for sustainable democracy and development in the West African sub-region.

Situation Summaries

Updates on political and military developments across Nigeria.

Nigerians go to the polls in 2023 amidst a host of economic, environmental, and security challenges. Many regions are confronted with widespread insecurity. The northern states are engulfed in long-standing conflicts, with violent jihadist groups, criminal gangs, and other armed actors engaging in deadly attacks against local communities. In the south, civil unrest continues against the backdrop of ongoing violence between farmers and herders as well as insurgent campaigns. Find the latest Nigeria Election Violence Tracker updates on the security situation here.

Interactive Dashboard


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